Thursday, October 24, 2013

Maya Mia inspired look

I'm not a Make-up artist neither a naturally good  at make-up but I do love all of things which associated with make up. So for today's post I would like to share with you my make up work. 

P/S:  This make-up look might not be a professional look since I'm not really good at it.

At the pictures above, it shows that it does not blend really well. At first I just want to try out this new make up look but at the end I felt wanted to share it with you guys even though it's not look good at all. 

Basically, these are the things that I used for this make-up look.  

Eyeshadow base
 Above & Beyond Full coverage concealer from NYX and Kajal Khol Loreal eyeliner

 Colossal Volume Express Mascara from Maybelline and The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara

                                                   Superfine eyeliner pen from Essence

Made To Stay highlighter pen from Catrice

Naked 2 Urban Decay

The colour for the eyeshadow I used 4 different colours:-

Black out

L-R: Bootycall & Tease
So, I think that's all for today's post and stay tune for more. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Excapade Sushi

Okay, this is the most exciting moment, when I want to share with you my top best favourite sushi in Brunei. That is Excapade Sushi. I become a sushi lover since I started ate at this restaurant. It is because for me they do serve the best sushi in town and their employees also very friendly and well-trained. I do admit I go to this restaurant frequently because I never stop craving for their sushi. Here I would like to share with you my favourite sushi:

Baby Octopus Maki  $3.20

Technically, this sushi is not really my favourite sushi after all but I do like them and it's been a long time I didn't order this sushi.
Mini California Special $3.20
 Okay, this is a must have menu if I go to excapade and accompanied by Mini Salmon mayo, unfortunately I didn't have a chance to take a picture of it.

Salmon Asparagus $6.50
 So far, the above sushi that been mentioned are served in quite cold way but since my stomach want to look for something hot and warm, so I did order the Salmon Asparagus. I really love the asparagus. FIY, I'm a big fan of Asparagus.

Beef Teriyaki $9.00
This is my boyfriend favourite menu but I don't usually order this, so far it is very tasty also.:)

Unagi Tempura $13.00
Okay, this is my new favourite dish, but unfortunately their unagi not very fresh, small and thin if compared to Sushi Tei. However, it still good and still be my all time favourite menu.

Ichiban Roll $4.80
I love to eat this sushi because the inside they have unagi and rolled with the crispy things * I don't have any idea what it is* and of course  the outer layer is covered with omelette.

Sushi Tempura $2.70

Basically, it is a tempura of sushi which covered with batter and the inside are the tamago (omellete) and the crab stick and drizzle with light mayonnaise.
I was quite surprise with the bill, I thought I didn't order that much but it ended up with BND 141.10, luckily I have the discount card so it was only BND 127.00. This is the prove that I'm a true big sushi lover *lol*.

Family Dinner

The most precious moment is when spending time with the family and it would help to freeze the workload that you have when you are together with your family. It's so do I. 

Today, after fetching my father from the airport, we went to Charcoal restaurant since my mother craved their foods. So, without any further let's jump in to the dishes.

Mango $3.00  *dad's drink*

Blueberry $3.00 *Sister's drink*
I had a chance to sip the blueberry drink, it's quite nice but don't taste like a fresh blueberry drink though.

L to R- Watermelon Juice, Carrot Juice  $5.50 each
Next is my drink, the watermelon Juice and the Carrot Juice is my mom. 

Huli-Huli Chicken $15.90  *Dad's menu*
I doubt my father been so hungry after been in a long flight today, two different types of rice in one plate *lol*. The left one is plain rice while the right one is the garlic rice.

Honey Chicken Barbecue $15.90 
My mother and sister ordered the same menu but the only different my mother ordered with coleslaw as the side dish.

Charcoal Lamb Chop $17.90
Finally is my dish, with 400 gram of lamb. I like the sauce, its good and the rest of the food are just nice. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to snap my brother's drink and food since he finished it like a lightning *lol* he starved actually.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Paddington House of Pancakes


Paddington House of Pancakes is quite a new restaurant in Brunei, which opened few months ago in 2013. The environment there also quite nice, for me there have the combination of western vintage and contemporary environment. 

Blackboard wall with the elegant look of the sofa

They got very fancy chairs

The place is quite big and  their have the cutest colourful chairs which I think make their environment stand out more. Oh yes, talking about the menu I was totally no idea what food to order which took me a long time to choose since I'm not really similar with the menu dishes. Anyway, this restaurant serves western food only though. Then I ended up with these food:-

Di Jon Crepes $19.50
Basically, this dish is a lamb serves with mango and grape fruits on top and below it is the crepes. Why they serve crepes at lamb dish? because their main theme of the restaurant is pancake so most of their dishes are serve with pancakes. About the sauce I don't have any idea what sauce they are using but this one taste really good and the meat is perfect. I definitely would come back here just to get this Di Jon Crepes.

Cheesy wedges and fries $8.50
This is how they serve the Cheesy wedges and fries as my side order, in a medium-big size bowl full with fries and wedges for my side order and unfortunately I'm unable to finish this food. 

Treasure Box $12
 Finally, as my dessert I ordered this treasure box, as the topping they put a lot of whipped cream on it and drizzle with syrup and cinnamon powder. Inside they put some chopped nuts and raisins accompanied by three basic flavour of ice cream : Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. Then at the bottom, of course they never miss with the small pancakes to put into the ice cream. As a garnish, they add some strawberry, peach and banana fruits as you can tell from the picture.

Overall, I love the way their serve the food it is very well-garnish and I did realize most of the customers there took photos of their food before eat. That's mean they do serve fancy well-garnish foods *thumbs up on the presentation of the foods* and not only that they also do a very fast service which I like.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Daily Scent Cologne

Left: Spring break       Middle: Nine to mine       Right: Eye candy

For the past few months, I kind of more into body mist thingy since body mist have a very lighter scent compare to perfume. Last September, I did randomly chose the Daily Scent cologne nine to mine then when I smell it I'm smitten with the smell. It's have a very refreshing smell like after you done your shower and it's give slightly sweeter smell.

Then after a while, I decided to go to buy another daily scent cologne and picked up the Spring break and Eye candy cologne which I also in love with. For me the spring break cologne it's remind me of my mom scent because my mom always use this type of scent which is more into classic powdery scent. 
*I don't know if that  makes sense to you guys because I'm so terrible in describing scent LOL* 

While the Eye candy cologne, it is more into sweeter side which kind of remind me my teenage moment or in order words it's give you a very teenage smells or should I say girlish cute scent? *again I'm not good at describing scent*

Basically, they are really amazing and more into refreshing smell. The best thing about them are the smells last a bit longer compare to the other body mist and once you apply it on your body the smell would definitely spread all over your entire room.  

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Relaxation: Spa Idaman

Since last week, I had backaches and it's getting even worse day after day. So I went to Spa Idaman to do some back massages. And guess what? It's felt very amazing during and after the massage, my body felt so light and fresh which totally made my day.

Spa Idaman provides a very great massage and all the treatment services provided is at a very affordable price.

At the room corner of Spa Idaman
Excuse about the poor quality photos, since I did forgot to bring my memory card of my camera, so I just captured using my phone. The place there is not as fancy as the standard ones but trust me they would give you the best treatment service and of course with a very affordable price AKA this is the cheapest spa that I had found. For sure, I would go to this place again for further treatment.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Journey of Monday

Here I would like to show you some pictures that I captured during my journey at Brunei city. Let the pictures do the talking.
Cruising at Kampung Ayer

Legend place: Nakoda Ragam Ship turned into a big stone

Random shoot while on the boat

A modern gallery above the water

Upper view some of Kampung Ayer

Bamboo at Recreational Park of Subok

Stairs at Subok Recreational Park 

Another random shoot at Recreational Park

Also found this little buddy during our journey

Friend of mine's shoes
Free gifts at the gallery
After a long journey, I ended up to order this dish