Saturday, October 12, 2013

Paddington House of Pancakes


Paddington House of Pancakes is quite a new restaurant in Brunei, which opened few months ago in 2013. The environment there also quite nice, for me there have the combination of western vintage and contemporary environment. 

Blackboard wall with the elegant look of the sofa

They got very fancy chairs

The place is quite big and  their have the cutest colourful chairs which I think make their environment stand out more. Oh yes, talking about the menu I was totally no idea what food to order which took me a long time to choose since I'm not really similar with the menu dishes. Anyway, this restaurant serves western food only though. Then I ended up with these food:-

Di Jon Crepes $19.50
Basically, this dish is a lamb serves with mango and grape fruits on top and below it is the crepes. Why they serve crepes at lamb dish? because their main theme of the restaurant is pancake so most of their dishes are serve with pancakes. About the sauce I don't have any idea what sauce they are using but this one taste really good and the meat is perfect. I definitely would come back here just to get this Di Jon Crepes.

Cheesy wedges and fries $8.50
This is how they serve the Cheesy wedges and fries as my side order, in a medium-big size bowl full with fries and wedges for my side order and unfortunately I'm unable to finish this food. 

Treasure Box $12
 Finally, as my dessert I ordered this treasure box, as the topping they put a lot of whipped cream on it and drizzle with syrup and cinnamon powder. Inside they put some chopped nuts and raisins accompanied by three basic flavour of ice cream : Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry. Then at the bottom, of course they never miss with the small pancakes to put into the ice cream. As a garnish, they add some strawberry, peach and banana fruits as you can tell from the picture.

Overall, I love the way their serve the food it is very well-garnish and I did realize most of the customers there took photos of their food before eat. That's mean they do serve fancy well-garnish foods *thumbs up on the presentation of the foods* and not only that they also do a very fast service which I like.

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