Thursday, October 24, 2013

Maya Mia inspired look

I'm not a Make-up artist neither a naturally good  at make-up but I do love all of things which associated with make up. So for today's post I would like to share with you my make up work. 

P/S:  This make-up look might not be a professional look since I'm not really good at it.

At the pictures above, it shows that it does not blend really well. At first I just want to try out this new make up look but at the end I felt wanted to share it with you guys even though it's not look good at all. 

Basically, these are the things that I used for this make-up look.  

Eyeshadow base
 Above & Beyond Full coverage concealer from NYX and Kajal Khol Loreal eyeliner

 Colossal Volume Express Mascara from Maybelline and The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara

                                                   Superfine eyeliner pen from Essence

Made To Stay highlighter pen from Catrice

Naked 2 Urban Decay

The colour for the eyeshadow I used 4 different colours:-

Black out

L-R: Bootycall & Tease
So, I think that's all for today's post and stay tune for more. 


  1. eyes look amazin! i really do need to get myself a naked palette x

    1. Yes better get the naked palette now because their have such amazing colours :))

  2. Nice combination of the colours.