Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sushi hunting

Yesterday, I went to Sushi Tei at Gadong Central just wanted to try out their famous dessert since lots of people raving about it. Once I stepped in to the restaurant, there have a typical Japanese restaurant environment. Here is the general overview of the restaurant from where I seat.

Here is the open kitchen where the chef prepares the sushi
Since there are too many fancy menu at Sushi tei which I'm not quite familiar with, so I ended up to order several sushi dishes and not to forget their famous dessert which I'm really excited about.

Chuka Wakame Gunkan $2.20
 The taste of this Chuka Wakame Gunkan, nothing fancy or extra ordinary. It just a typical chuka wakame on top and sushi rice below it then wrap it around with the seaweed nori.  However, their Chuka Wakame is quite fresh.

Mini Golden Roll $11.00
 The presentation of this sushi is very good, I like how it being garnish. However, I personally don't really like this mini golden roll since the inside of the roll quite dry.

Unagi Tempura $ 12.80
 The way they served this unagi tempura is quite simple and accompanied with sauce. I was really amazed with their unagi tempura.Why? because their unagi really really fresh and juicy. They served a very big fat and thick unagi which is a very special thing for me. If compared to Ikura, Sushi tei have the best Unagi tempura and slightly cheaper.

Big Tako Yaki $5.20
 I think this takoyaki is over garnished because at first I can't tell what is this dish. Overall this takoyaki was okay for me.

Crunchy Salmon Maki $6.90

This dish is quite spicy and at the same time a bit crunchy, if you are spicy sushi lover why not to try them out.

Salmon Enoki Roll $7.50 *highly recommended*

If we look at this dish, it may not look a very appetizing dish but once you taste this salmon enoki, you would definitely want it more in your mouth. Basically, this dish a well-cooked salmon roll and inside it full of small thin mushroom.

Gyuniku Roll  $10.00  *highly recommended*
 This dish is basically the same as the previous one but the only different is that instead of salmon, the mushroom wrapped with beef. This one is also taste really scrumptious.

Eskimo Pino $5.90
Lastly, is the most exciting part that I want to share with you. That's is their famous dessert the Eskimo Pino. It is really mouth-watering dessert. Once this Eskimo Pino are inside your mouth, the chocolate would melt instantly and vanilla filling would conquer the taste which I really like about it. It taste more like a Magnum ice cream but not as sweet as the Magnum ice cream. 

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