Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Relaxation: Spa Idaman

Since last week, I had backaches and it's getting even worse day after day. So I went to Spa Idaman to do some back massages. And guess what? It's felt very amazing during and after the massage, my body felt so light and fresh which totally made my day.

Spa Idaman provides a very great massage and all the treatment services provided is at a very affordable price.

At the room corner of Spa Idaman
Excuse about the poor quality photos, since I did forgot to bring my memory card of my camera, so I just captured using my phone. The place there is not as fancy as the standard ones but trust me they would give you the best treatment service and of course with a very affordable price AKA this is the cheapest spa that I had found. For sure, I would go to this place again for further treatment.

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