Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Best Beauty Products of 2013

Hi ladies, it's been a long time I didn't enter the blog-sphere because I was too lazy to write anything *LOL*. And yes, this post should be up in the early of January but again I was extremely lazy. Moreover, the school life already started so that's mean I'm a bit busy but never mind I still want to post my beauty products of 2013. 

So for this time, I want to do it in a different way, rather than just share it in a blog form why not post it in vlog? So here it is. It's kind of a very short vlog but I hope you enjoy it :)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Coffee Bean's Cronuts

Yeayy!! Finally I have a chance to try this cute four different croughnut flavours. Actually this is a very late post but then I only have a chance to upload it today. I had these last year December (2013), I was really lucky that time. I remembered when I bought these it around 11 a.m at Centre Point, Gadong Coffee Bean. 

Talking about the cost of 1 croughnut would be around BND2.90. A box of 4 croughnuts would be BND10. So I decided to try out all of their flavours: Chocolate, Blueberry Cheese, Strawberry and Vanilla which costs me about BND10.

I was quite disappointed I was expecting the texture and and taste would be good and a bit crispy since it is the mixture of doughnut and croissant. And yes it suppose to be a bit crispy. However, it tasted like a doughnut but I think the doughnut itself taste much better than these.

So have you try out the croughnuts? Do you like it?

Monday, January 06, 2014

KF's Wedding

As I said at my previous post I was quite busy for preparation of my cousin's wedding. His wedding was held on last December, so I would like to share some of  the happy moment of my cousin's wedding. 

I know when it comes to wedding season it must be very tiring but we all as a big family of #HA had made a very amazing moment when our family gathers and cooperate in order to achieve successful events. 

Now rather than posting pictures on my blog, I think it would be fun share it in a very short video format. So have fun :)

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Back To School Haul 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 GUYS!!! I'm sorry for being MIA for the past few weeks because I was terribly sick and quite busy with the preparation for my cousin's wedding. Okay now it's the first day of 2014, so that's mean welcome back to school. The first day of 2014, I would like to  begin with 'Back To School Haul'. 

I just bought my school stuffs recently, just a few since I still have the old ones and I don't like to waste.

 I bought this at local store Utama Grand, The Mall for BND 5.50. This notebook is available in 3, 4 and 5 subjects divider which I love about it. Then I chose the 3 subjects divider because I only have 3 subjects for this semester.

 I also bought the mini notebook B6 size also with the 3 subject divider. I might use this little book for exam preparation.

I love the colour and the design 

The hard cover A6 notebook size which is only BND 3.90. 

Stabillo Colour Pens RM 21.90
Stapler BND 3.99

Scissor BND 1.70

Papermate blue pens RM 1.20

Orange highlighter RM 2.90

Sharpie RM 1.50
I love sharpie and I think it is much cheaper in Miri, Malaysia.

That's all for my quick haul and what about you? Have you bought your school stuffs?