Friday, October 04, 2013

Daily Scent Cologne

Left: Spring break       Middle: Nine to mine       Right: Eye candy

For the past few months, I kind of more into body mist thingy since body mist have a very lighter scent compare to perfume. Last September, I did randomly chose the Daily Scent cologne nine to mine then when I smell it I'm smitten with the smell. It's have a very refreshing smell like after you done your shower and it's give slightly sweeter smell.

Then after a while, I decided to go to buy another daily scent cologne and picked up the Spring break and Eye candy cologne which I also in love with. For me the spring break cologne it's remind me of my mom scent because my mom always use this type of scent which is more into classic powdery scent. 
*I don't know if that  makes sense to you guys because I'm so terrible in describing scent LOL* 

While the Eye candy cologne, it is more into sweeter side which kind of remind me my teenage moment or in order words it's give you a very teenage smells or should I say girlish cute scent? *again I'm not good at describing scent*

Basically, they are really amazing and more into refreshing smell. The best thing about them are the smells last a bit longer compare to the other body mist and once you apply it on your body the smell would definitely spread all over your entire room.  

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