Friday, October 18, 2013

Excapade Sushi

Okay, this is the most exciting moment, when I want to share with you my top best favourite sushi in Brunei. That is Excapade Sushi. I become a sushi lover since I started ate at this restaurant. It is because for me they do serve the best sushi in town and their employees also very friendly and well-trained. I do admit I go to this restaurant frequently because I never stop craving for their sushi. Here I would like to share with you my favourite sushi:

Baby Octopus Maki  $3.20

Technically, this sushi is not really my favourite sushi after all but I do like them and it's been a long time I didn't order this sushi.
Mini California Special $3.20
 Okay, this is a must have menu if I go to excapade and accompanied by Mini Salmon mayo, unfortunately I didn't have a chance to take a picture of it.

Salmon Asparagus $6.50
 So far, the above sushi that been mentioned are served in quite cold way but since my stomach want to look for something hot and warm, so I did order the Salmon Asparagus. I really love the asparagus. FIY, I'm a big fan of Asparagus.

Beef Teriyaki $9.00
This is my boyfriend favourite menu but I don't usually order this, so far it is very tasty also.:)

Unagi Tempura $13.00
Okay, this is my new favourite dish, but unfortunately their unagi not very fresh, small and thin if compared to Sushi Tei. However, it still good and still be my all time favourite menu.

Ichiban Roll $4.80
I love to eat this sushi because the inside they have unagi and rolled with the crispy things * I don't have any idea what it is* and of course  the outer layer is covered with omelette.

Sushi Tempura $2.70

Basically, it is a tempura of sushi which covered with batter and the inside are the tamago (omellete) and the crab stick and drizzle with light mayonnaise.
I was quite surprise with the bill, I thought I didn't order that much but it ended up with BND 141.10, luckily I have the discount card so it was only BND 127.00. This is the prove that I'm a true big sushi lover *lol*.

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