Friday, November 22, 2013

Products I've used up

Hi guys, it's been a while I didn't update on my blog due to workloads that should be handle. But now I'm no longer as busy as before only one more work to go. Okay, enough with the workload thingy and let's move on to the main subject :). Today, I want to share with you the products that I have used up from the past few months.


The first products that I have used up was the Garnier Gentle Clarifying Foam. Basically, this product didn't make my skin break out or what so ever and the product was very light and  feel quite gentle and soft on my face as what it describe on the packing but this product does not  give any changes as what I expected this product to be. Since then, I used this product on and off.

Fair and Lovely facial foam has been my old time favourite. However, last year I did stop using this product since I wanted to try out a new facial foam but until now nothing else can beat this facial foam. This product is a very good product because it give me a very soft feeling face after using it. Not only that it cleanses my face well. Another thing is that, it's very affordable as you can tell from the picture itself *lol* I forgot to remove the price label. Overall, for sure I will repurchase it.


If you follow my previous post on Mini Beauty Haul, you might recognized this shower gel. This is my absolute favourite shower gel because it does really give my skin moisturize which I love about it. Not only that, it is also smells really good. 

This had been my favourite shower gel before I found out the dove ones. The only downside of this one that I just realize it left my skin quiet dry but the good thing about it is they provide a divine smell of the shower gel.


Talking about the body exfoliater to remove all of the dead skin I usually do it once a week or twice but not more than that.  The Vanilla Bliss Body polish was quite a good body exfoliater since it smells really good like a freshly baked vanilla cupcakes which makes me want to eat it. After using this scrub it give a very soft and feel very refreshing. 

From the picture you might not able to see that this product is already and completely empty. This is another body scrub that I able to finish off. I really love the smell it is good but I like more the green ones because it smells amazing. First of all, the texture of this product is packed with the tiny little exfoliator which makes me feel that it exfoliate really well my skin. And another thing, this product is Paraben Free. 


I have been using this one for a few years now, I used it only because of it smells freesia :))


There's nothing to talk much about this product since there's no changes to my hair scalp F.I.Y my hair scalp suffering from the dandruff which really annoyed me. However, I manage to finish this product.

So what are products that you've used up?Mind to share with me?

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