Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mini beauty haul

This morning, I went to some of my favourite stores to get a few things that I need or to be specific that I WANT. 

Here are the things that I bought.

Dove nutrium moisture body wash

First, I went to Winmark to get some body wash even though I still have plenty of body wash that I haven't use up,  but I can't resist to buy these dove body wash because I'm too obsess with these baby. They leave my skin very hydrating after shower and they smell really really amazing too. The body wash is perfect for dry skin as I am because it really keep my skin hydrating all day. 

I started using this product since the beginning of the year then I realize that it keep my dry skin very moisturize and it feels very comfy after using the body wash. This body wash comes up with lots of different types such as Shea butter, deep nourishing,  orange etc.

Zinc Hair Fall Treatment

Since I'm almost run out of Shampoo and I didn't have any idea what kind of shampoo to try out then I just grab and smell it at first then I was like Wooo... this stuff smells really cute and sweet. And the packaging says for hair fall treatment and 99% less dandruff. Then I say why I shouldn't just give it a try? 

Top:  Made To Stay Highlighter Pen from Catrice
Middle: Superfine eyeliner pen from Essence
Bottom: Kajal Pencil eyeliner from Essence

Then I went to Paloma, to get some unnecessary stuffs of 2 eyeliners and 1 highlighter. Back to the original story I just wanted to get a new pencil eyeliner since I lost my old ones but ended up to buy 2 more needless stuffs which is so typical me.

Talking about the eyeliners, I bought two types of eyeliner which are a pencil and the liquid ones:

Kajal Pencil liner
Kajal pencil liner from essence: 01Black

It says a long lasting eyeliner and the texture a bit creamy.

Superfine eyeliner pen

Superfine eyeliner pen from essence: 01 Deep black

It have a ultra fine line, smudge proof and extra long lasting.

Highlighter Pen

Last thing from Paloma is my highlighter pen, it is in a stick pen form. It says have a creamy texture to brightens and highlights eyes in the inner corners of the eyes and also at the brow bones to lift them up.

Tester for the three products

A-   Superfine eyeliner pen, it is a very intense black as you can tell from the picture if compare to B.

B-   Kajal eyeliner pencil, as you can see it looks a bit creamy and not black enough as B.

C-   Highlighter pen, in the picture it may not be obvious but in real it a bit shimmer and really brighten up. 

Okay, my last pits stop was at Body Shop just to get this Mango Eau De Toilette. I'm so in love with the smell of it since I already got the body mist then now I just wanted to get the Eau De Toilette. Seriously guys, I'm in love with this smell it is so so good. 

Mango Eau De Toilette from Body Shop

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