Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review: Essence Get BIG lashes

Hi ladies I just recently bought this mascara about one week ago. Now it's time to do a review on this little toy. I bought this mascara at Paloma, The Mall.

Get Big lashes!, Essence:
  • It cost around BND 4.90 (if I'm not mistaken)
  • 12 ml in a bottle
  • Made in Luxembourg
  • Waterproof version
  • Volume boost
  • It says for maximum volume and especially thick lashes. 
  • Smudge and waterproof.
  • Ophtalmologically tested.

big fat applicator and also full of little brushes on it

For the first time I used this mascara, it was a very dry mascara. Then when I applied my second coat it gives me thick eyelashes but in a weird way and also it created lumps at the ends of the lashes because it was quite dry. After few hours,  obviously it looked really firm and dry. The most uncomfortable thing was that when it comes to in the middle of the day, it started to annoy my eyes like there was something went into my eyes I believed it was the lumps from my lashes.

However, it is a waterproof mascara and also a bit thicken and lengthen my lashes. The end of the day, it was very hard to remove and it took time. It required me to remove using the olive oil to smooth out the process of removing the mascara. Seriously I can't stand to own that drying mascara and quite difficult to apply, so I decided to put in 12 drops of Eyemo in the mascara to make it bit moisturize. 

Today, I used this mascara again to see if there was any changes after I dropped the eyemo liquid. Then it 's really works, which give the mascara quiet different from the first time I used it. It makes me easy to apply. 

Here is the look after put in the eye drops into the bottle:

After finish applied the mascara ( 2 coats of mascara)
 So far,so good. It's kind of thicken and bit of lengthen my eye lashes. So far, so good which is much better than the first time. You might not see the different from the first time used and after using the eye drops. My apologies I forgot to take some pictures at the first time using it.

Side view (2 coats of mascara)
A bit of lumps at the end of lashes but it's okay. It's much better now compared to the previous one.

Front view (2 coats of mascara)
This look was right away after I applied the mascara, which was okay.

So far it felt much better than before where it does not annoyed my eyes and does not look weird at all. Around 2.32 pm I did check my lashes, it was still okay does not create any problem so far. Unfortunately I did not take picture of it.

Here is the look when I went back home around 3.32 pm:

From the picture, you can see that it does not really hold the curls for a very long time. When I went back home my lashes already went down a bit. It only able to hold the curls approximately about 2 hours. But it still  good though, where it maintains the thick eyelashes. However, it still hard to remove the mascara which still need the help from the olive oil.

Generally, this product was not really good though since it was really dry, difficult to apply and give some weird look of lashes.However, after put in some eye drops into it turns to be a good ones. So if you already own one of this and don't like it or planning to get one of this make sure to put in some eye drops in it then you might love it than before.

Verdict: 3/10 (The product itself without the eye drops in)
            : 5/10 (With the eye drops in)

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