Sunday, December 08, 2013

Beauty Haul

It feels that I haven't do any shopping for ages hence I'm quite busy with all of my works. So, last Wednesday I went to The Mall just wanted to get some cronuts at The Coffee Bean. Too bad the cronuts already sold out like a hot cake so unlucky of me that day. 

With the feeling of disappointment, I went to Knick Knacks Shop to check out what's new at their candles section. At first I didn't plan to buy any of them but since they have so many  amazing selection of the candles which were so unresistable. So I decided to buy 2 of them: Black cherry and strawberry butter cream.

Black Cherry Yankee Candle 
  • A sample size only, only 1.3oz
  • Cost about BND 4.80 per candle sample size
Strawberry Yankee Candle
  • Small size, only 3.7 oz
  • Cost about BND 19.90 per small candle size
Then I stopped by at Paloma which is a very popular shop among Bruneian beauty bloggers. I went there just to grab the gel eyeliner from Essence because I heard good review about it. So this time, I was so lucky when I checked it was  only one left at the eyeliner section.

Gel Eyeliner from Essence:

  • It is 01 Midnight In Paris 
  • It cost you around BND4.90 (price may vary)

I also got the gel eyeliner brush from Catrice. Actually bought this thing was not in my list but then why not I tried this brush.

Lastly, at the shop I grabbed this mascara from essence and I will do review for this mascara soon. So stay tune ladies.

Okay, my 3rd pitstop was at The Body Shop. Just want to trade in my empty products of TBS to get 20% off. So, I did picked up 2 items for 20%:

Moringa Soap  BND4.90 (original price)

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Sugar Body Scrub  BND26+ (original price)

Since the seller told me their got discount for perfume 25% off, so I grabbed one

Moringa Eau De Toilette BND21.90 (original price)
At first I wanted to use this lip butter for my trade in of empty products but it was inapplicable for this one, hence it was for their charity. 

Lip butter BND10.90
Now let's move on to the online shopping, after waiting for a month now my stuffs had arrived.

32 Make up Brush
Simple black blouse US9.99
So, you want me to do review on the items above just let me know in the comment section below.

Have a nice day :)

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