Sunday, December 01, 2013

November Favourite 2013

For this month I don't have much favourite only a few but I still want to share with you guys what's are my favourite for this month. So without wait any longer let's jump right into my November Favourites.

This purply polka dot bag is my favourite of the month because it quite small and very handy. I also love how it looks like, very simple yet cute and also I love the colour. This bag actually available in 3 colours: purple, green and nude.

As you can see from the picture above, it is also very spacious where I can throw in my big camera, my big bottle of water, my A4 notebook, wallet and A5 business card which means I don't need to carry my big bag during my field work.

My second favourite is the Colossal Volume Express Mascara which I'm so freaking in love with. I use it every time I went out as you can tell from the picture the label already fade out and crack on the lid *lol*. It gives me a very volumizing eye lashes.

For the third favourite of the month is the Garnier BB cream which I use it every single day. It kinds of give a dewy finish which makes my skin looks much healthier and it also helps to even out the discolouration of my face. I also got lots of compliment when wearing this BB cream :)

Next one is the Jacqualine hair cream for conditioning and wet look hair styles. I have bought this hair product for a very long time ago but at first I did not like it at all because it kind of very greasy and oily to my hair. Then I just knew how to use this product properly by just applying a very small product and rub it in by hand then apply it to my hair. It just give a very perfect natural shiny hair, even healthier and also help to reduce my frizzy hair.

Okay for the 6th favourite, I love this Strawberry Hand & Body Shiffon Cream from The Face Shop. It smells a very light strawberry scent like a strawberry candy. Overall, I just love it and I almost run out of this product and I need another one of this.

I also love this Shea body butter from body shop, it keep my skin very hydrating the next morning. I usually use this before sleep and I love the feeling of smoothness onto my skin. And again, it seems like I use it much this month  and need to buy more.

My last favourite is again another favourite from Body Shop: Mango perfume and the Mango body mist which I love the smells very much. Generally, I don't use it every day but when I use it I will use it like a crazy. I spray the body mist and the perfume like more than I use to. It just because I loveee the scent. As you can tell from the picture I already use it half of the bottle for the body mist and the perfume quarter of it.

So yeah that's it for my November favourites in 2013, so what are your favourite for this November?

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