Saturday, January 11, 2014

Coffee Bean's Cronuts

Yeayy!! Finally I have a chance to try this cute four different croughnut flavours. Actually this is a very late post but then I only have a chance to upload it today. I had these last year December (2013), I was really lucky that time. I remembered when I bought these it around 11 a.m at Centre Point, Gadong Coffee Bean. 

Talking about the cost of 1 croughnut would be around BND2.90. A box of 4 croughnuts would be BND10. So I decided to try out all of their flavours: Chocolate, Blueberry Cheese, Strawberry and Vanilla which costs me about BND10.

I was quite disappointed I was expecting the texture and and taste would be good and a bit crispy since it is the mixture of doughnut and croissant. And yes it suppose to be a bit crispy. However, it tasted like a doughnut but I think the doughnut itself taste much better than these.

So have you try out the croughnuts? Do you like it?