Friday, February 21, 2014

Maybelline- Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation Review

HELLO GUYSSS~~~ Its been a long time I didn't do blogpost. I know its been another MIA due to several reasons but mainly I have been very busy doing my final year tasks.So without any further lets move on to the review :)

I bought this product last December since it was on sale in Brunei for only $16 (if I'm not mistaken) which is quite affordable. In terms of the packaging, its simple in a form of glass tube bottle accompanied with the pump and very secure plastic cap.

Shade: OC1

While the texture of the foundation its a bit liquidy and light (I think its quite similar as the Garnier BB Cream texture). It is also very easy to apply and build-able. The coverage is quite sheer around medium coverage more or less.

Talking about my experiences using this product is that the first time I used it, I didn't really like it because for me this foundation doesn't do anything good on my skin. But then, after 2 or 3 three times using this product I started to change my perspective about this foundation. I just realise that this foundation kind of provide a very natural look and a bit glowing which makes my face more radiant and healthy looking. Moreover, it is super easy to apply and blend easily to my skin.

 Its also feel that I don't wear any foundation at all because how light the texture is. What makes me happy using this foundation is that, honestly when it comes to choosing the foundation shade I always get the wrong one. However, not this time the shade it perfectly suits my skin and I don't know if it just me or what but I feel that once I use this foundation my skin feel super soft like silk.

Recommendation: Suitable for teenager who likes the natural glow finish.

Have you try out this product?Do you like it?

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