Sunday, September 22, 2013


Tiramisu $4.50 ( If I'm not mistaken)

Chocolate Eclairs $4.50 *highly recommended*

Pink Lady

All of these desserts are from 'Patisserie CakeShop' which located around Beribi same area as Supersave Beribi. Personally, I really like how these desserts tasted because it just nice not to sweet. 

The Pink Lady dessert was good not to sweet as I mentioned earlier it tastes just nice or should I say perfect taste? Especially the cream it just melt and soft in my mouth.

The tiramisu was okay but it tastes  bitter at the top but the cream at the bottom it was tasteless.

Lastly, the chocolate eclair: the pastry was perfect and a bit crispy which I like. The chocolate topping also perfect and what's special about this it had more like hazelnut feeling inside it which make it a superb dessert.

All of the above, my first fave is Chocolate Eclair and followed by Pink Lady.

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