Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chicken Waangs

Hi readers, before I  start  I would like to ask you a simple question. Are you familiar with this packaging?

I decided to steel some times to share with you my first experience of having "Bitesbyida" before I go back to my work life. Now let's go back to the question, for those of you who are not familiar with that packaging. It is a simple packaging trademark from "Bitesbyida".

Last week, I had been surprisingly announced to be a lucky winner of her 1,500 followers in instagram. TBT I didn't know about the lucky followers thingy. Anyways, the prize given was her famous "chicken waangs" 20 cuts of chicken wings. Now are you excited to see how the chicken wings look like?? This is how the chicken waangs look like: 

Left: Honey Hot , Right: Mustard Hot.

Left: Asian Hot , Right: Buttery Hot
      At first I was too afraid to try these wings because lots of people can't stop giving feedback that the chicken wings extremely spicy yet incredibly delicious. Then I just give it my first bite to the mustard hot wings and so far personally it is not as spicy as I thought. I just like how fleshy and juicy it were. In addition, the sauces are really appetizing.

My top faves out of the four flavours, I would pick the honey Hot chicken wings because the outside (batter) a bit crispy which I like the most and the sauce is too nice for the chicken wings should I say. Not too sweet and not too spicy just at the ideal stage.

My least faves is the Mustard hot since I not a fan of mustard but if you do this might be the perfect flavour wings. Then if you are wondering what flavour are spicy enough it is the Asian hot but for me it is not too spicy though. Lastly, the buttery hot it is taste like "ayam masak Merah" but it is still  taste nice.

Rate: 8/10

I definitely repurchase the chicken wings especially the Honey Hot and soon I would like to try out their famous hot spaghetti. And that's wrap everything up :) 

"Thank You Bitesbyida for your scrumptious chicken waaangs"

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