Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Birthday lunch: Ikura Sushi Restaurant

After did some research of sushi restaurants in Brunei (since we are the sushi lovers) then my boyfriend and I decided to go to Ikura sushi restaurant to celebrate his birthday. 

Some of the overview pictures of the restaurants:
Very vintage look of their mini pots 
 Very calm and relaxing place 

The cutest cover menu that I have ever seen in Brunei. 
 Since this was my first time to Ikura sushi, we didn't have any ideas what foods to order then we ended up to order 8 several sushi dishes which as you can see the pictures below:

Hotate Teppenyaki

Unagi Inari
Unagi Tempura

Mango Smoothies

Four layers rose

Most of the foods I can't remember the name and the price of it. 

My fave of the above menu is the unagi tempura since I'm a huge fans of Unagi but it taste really nice and it gives you a perfect taste with the sauce provided. So for those of you who are in unagi fans club so this Unagi Tempura are highly recommended. My least fave from the above menu is the Unagi Inari since its too sweet.

However, the foods are really nice and the employees are very nice and very friendly too.

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